Youth To Washington Program



Contractor to Inspect Poles

Osmose, a name recognized as a treated wood supplier, will be doing pole inspections for the Cooperative beginning the week of December 8. Crews will be focused on the Grassy and Hastings substations (south of Carbondale east to south of Marion).

Employees will be in vehicles with EECA identification on the side; they will also be carrying a letter of authorization and an ID card. If you have questions, please contact our offices immediately at 800-606-1505.

As part of our reliability plan, poles are inspected and replaced on a regular basis.


Youth to Washington



We are now accepting applications for the national Youth to Washington tour, June 12-19, 2015. High school sophomores and juniors of members, or any sophomores or juniors that attend a school within our service area are eligible. Click here for more information and an application or here to watch a video about the Tour.

IEC Memorial Scholarships

The Illinois Electric Cooperative Thomas H. Moore Memorial Scholarship program is now accepting applications from seniors in high school. Applications must be completed and returned by December 31, 2014.