Our mission of “improving the quality of life of our members at a reasonable cost” guides us as we meet the diverse needs of our service area in Southern Illinois. Serving members in portions of six counties, we provide high-quality electric service at attractive rates. We benchmark our efforts by our four core values: integrity, accountability, teamwork and commitment to community. At Egyptian Electric, our employees serve you and we make management decisions based on these values. In other words, we desire to truly live up to your expectations!.

Call B4 You Dig!


Spring is here and so are the long waiting proects. Whether digging to plant trees, shrubs or fences, you should call before you dig.

Contacting JULIE before you dig is the law. Besides, digging responsibly is the smartest way to dig. The impact of unsafe or careless digging practices is real and often costly - in terms of personal injury and damage to underground utility lines, property and the environment. The call is free and so are the services.


Let EPA Hear From You

New U.S. EPA rules threaten the use of coal as an energy source causing higher electric costs. DOE Asst. Sec. for Clean Coal testifies new carbon capture requirements will raise electricity prices 70-80%. See video here.. Visit the NRECA Cooperative Action Network to let the EPA know your concerncs.